Not Much Monday

Last night, I had a wave of exhaustion that hit me hard and fast. I went and snuggled Adam, in his chair, and fell asleep. I woke up, about an hour later, with a horrible stomach ache. I spent the majority of the night tossing and turning, in bed. Adam doesn’t like me to go lay out on the couch, when I can’t sleep. He always says he’d rather I roll around in bed, with him, than go in another room, and do it without him. So, I stayed in our bed, next to Adam, and did my best to sleep through my sickness.

I woke up, this morning, and the nausea and stomach ache were mostly gone. I still felt very sleepy, though. I got the kids up and ready for school, and then I laid on the couch. I turned on an ID channel show. I slept for awhile, and got up around 11:00am. I washed my face, got dressed, and made myself get moving. I made the beds, cleaned the kitchen counters, wiped the appliances down, and put away the clean dishes. I picked Wyatt up, after school. He cleaned his baseball locker out, now that the season has ended. He had a whole bunch of equipment to bring home, so we loaded it into my car. I had this week’s groceries delivered. The kids helped me bring them inside, and put them away. I’m making meatball subs, for supper. I bought pre made meatballs. I’ll just cook them in pasta sauce, and then put them on the sub rolls with some mozzarella cheese. I’ve got a cantaloupe to cut up, too. Meatballs don’t sound particularly appetizing, to me, but the cantaloupe does.

The curtains I ordered, for the basement, arrived. I got them hung in those windows. It’s looking real cute down there! I also have a shelf to set up under where the TV is mounted. Wyatt and Adam will have to put it together. Wyatt loves projects like that. Adam does them, for me, but they’re definitely not exciting for him, the way they are for our son. If I’ve got a loose screw, in a cabinet or a door jam, Wyatt’s always happy to be asked to “fix” it. I’m perfectly capable of most the little odd jobs, but I get a kick out of seeing the pride in my boy, when he fixes things for his mama. 🙂

It rained pretty hard, most of the morning. The sun came out, after lunch, so now it’s nice out. I haven’t cut on our AC, yet. I have it set to “circulate”, so it cycles on and off to move air through the house. It’s a comfortable 75 degrees, in the house. I always wait for as long as I possibly can, to shut our windows. I love to feel and smell the fresh air, and hear the birds and the bugs outside. My “perfect” temps, are between 75-80 degrees. I have to suck it up all winter, and keep our house set to 68 degrees. Winter nights it’s turned down to 62. Adam gives me summer. I set our AC to 78 degrees. Enough to take humidity out, and keep the house comfortable, but not “cold”. I get to be comfy in the summer. Adam gets the winter. That’s our compromise. We run both the heat and AC, as little as we can stand to, this way.

I took some pictures, the other night, in our basement. I’ve got an end table and lamp next to the couch, now. TV will get here Wednesday. I just got curtains hung up, too. It’s coming along!
Playroom area
Guest room. I got curtains and put a little lamp in here now, too. Everything’s coming along nicely, though! I love it ❤️

2 thoughts on “Not Much Monday

  1. Eve, sounds like you have everything in order. I hope you’re feeling better, chilly and rainy here in Scotland, have a great day! Everything looks great. Sir 🙂

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