Just Tryin’ to Catch a Good Time

~Niko Moon (Good Time)

Last night, we had a blast playing cornhole outside, with Justin and Jackie. It was a really fun Friday night! The kids played with us, for awhile, and then they went in and turned on a movie. They’re loving the basement space.

Jackie is sneaky, but I ❤️ it

We all went to Costco, today. Adam has a Sam’s Club membership, and Justin has a Costco one. We make trips together, so we can all take advantage. We spent way too much money, but it was fun, and we don’t have to buy any meat for a long while now! The kids got an entire meal, eating samples, in the store there. Justin and Jackie are heading over, here soon. We’re going to grill some steaks, brats, and burgers. I imagine we’ll end up getting out the cornhole boards again, later.

It’s just another great weekend, with my favorite people. ❤️

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