Another summer day, has come and gone away…

~Michael Buble’

Flowers for Mothers Day ❤️

I woke up, this morning, and Adam was already up. I got out of bed, and started to walk out of our bedroom, when Adam stopped me. He told me to stay in bed. I could smell breakfast cooking. Adam and the kids made me English muffins with sausage, egg, and cheese. They cut up a bunch of fresh fruit for me, and brought a glass of orange juice, too. I was served breakfast in bed. They even cleaned up all the dishes they dirtied, making breakfast. I also got some pretty flowers, from Adam and the kids.

Jackie and Justin came by, this afternoon. She brought me a homemade gift, and a card. Inside the card, she’d written the most heartfelt and sweet message. I’m so blessed!

It’s hot, today. Between 90 degree temps, and the humidity, the house was growing intolerably warm. I broke down, and we cut on the air conditioning. Justin, Jackie, Adam, the kids, and I sat downstairs. They played some video games, and we all hung out for awhile.

I’m just making chicken strips, fries, and some Kraft Mac and cheese for supper, tonight. It’s been a very quiet, lazy day. We had a great weekend. I haven’t done or said a thing that Adam considers crossing over the line. We’ve just had a lot of fun.

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