~Drive by Lovers

Just another random evening, this last week, with my people
We were almost finished painting!
Jackie shampooed the carpet, for me.

I wanted to add these, yesterday, but I forgot to do it. I’ve had a lot of fun, this week, hanging out with everyone ❤️

I’m sitting in the waiting room, with my daughter. My least favorite thing about going to the doctor, is the waiting. It’s a sterile, chilly room. They always put the shittiest TV show possible, on the screens. No waiting rooms have magazines anymore, since Covid. So, like everyone else here, we just stare at our phones.

I’m anxious to get back home, and start our weekend. Our plans will depend on whether it rains, or not. If it doesn’t, we’ll be outside, playing cornhole, and hanging out. If it does rain, we’ll be inside, playing darts, ping pong, card games, and whatever other stuff we come up with. Either way, it’ll be fun!

Oh my goodness. I’d written all the above, waiting to see the doctor. The appointment took a whopping 10 minutes total. We got back in the car, to head home. Just as we got to moving, down the interstate, traffic slowed to a standstill. At precisely this moment, I received an alert from my news app. I-24 was shut down, due to a tractor trailer fire. It has literally just happened. It took us 3 hours to get home… I was hangry, when we finally walked inside. Adam was already home. We’re having a “fend” night, for supper. I made myself some mozzarella sticks, in the air fryer. The kids wanted spaghettiOs. Those cans of tiny circle shaped pasta, with meatballs. Adam reheated some leftover chicken.

Justin and Jackie will be here soon. Our other friend’s on their way. The sun decided to come back out. So, it looks like we’ll be hanging outside, tonight. I need a beer. It’s been a long day!

3 thoughts on “Roar

    1. Aw, thanks! Seems there’s always something happening. Mostly a whole lot of nothing important. Then, something important does happen, and I long for all the things I thought were nothing. I love the quiet, peaceful, nothing particularly exciting days. Those are my favorite ❤️

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