Runnin’ Down a Dream

~Tom Petty

My dad has this title tattooed across his forearm. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers was his most favorite band. He sounds a lot like him, when he sings, too.

We had our annual water balloon fight, this afternoon. It’s become our “Summer kickoff” tradition, for as long as I can remember. Jackie was here, hanging out. Justin came by, when he got off work. Mj attempted to get him, but it didn’t work out too well. When Adam text me he was headed home, she went and hid around the corner, waiting for him. She got him with a couple water balloons. 😊 I have a latex allergy, so I couldn’t throw any of them, but I love watching everybody have fun.

We’re fixing BLT’s for supper, tonight. Jackie went home, to fix supper for her and Justin. She’s coming back here, in awhile. We’re going to drive to the airport, together, at 2:30am. We’ll get back, in an hour or so, and then take a nap. We’re talking about going swimming, tomorrow afternoon. Poppy’s sand filter was having issues, so he had to replace it. He’s hoping to have his pool ready to swim in, by Memorial Day. Jackie’s complex has a pool we can swim in, though. We’re all planning to go to his place, this coming Monday. We’ll swim, barbecue, and hang out.

I’ve got an appointment, Friday after this one. They’re going to run some tests. I’ll have a needle pressed into the lump on my breast, to take a sample of whatever’s inside it. I’m not sure what else they’ll be doing? I’m feeling confident it’s nothing serious, though. The lump has gotten smaller, the last couple days. That makes me feel assured, it’s just a cyst.

Wyatt’s at a Summer baseball practice, already tonight. The chaos never really ends, but I still love Summertime. I so enjoy these days, with my babies. We sometimes go get ice cream, for lunch. We go swimming, and grab a frozen lemonade, from Chick-Fil-A, on our way home. We go hiking, at local caves. We go up to the trampoline park, near us, and jump until our legs our jelly. We find plenty of ways to have fun, together. There aren’t words to describe how much I cherish these days.

I suppose it’s time to get our BLT’s started. I don’t have much else to share, today. It’s just been another beautiful day, with my people. ❤️

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