Our Love Will Still Be There

I believe that in years to come
When the mountains have crumbled to dust
And all the oceans have all run dry
And the cars in the street turn to rust

Our love will still be there
Our love will still be there

When the rain from the sky don’t fall
And the stars they don’t shine at night
When all the nations have made their wars
And the soldiers have all had their fight

Our love will still be there
Our love will still be there

I’ll always love you
No matter what comes in our path
I’ll always need you
Like I have done in the past

So when the days and the nights are joined
And the baby does no longer cry
When man has been to the ocean depth
And reached out his arms for the sky

Our love will still be there
Our love will still be there

I’ll always be there
In your ups and in your downs
I’ll even love you if the world stops going ’round

Our love will still be there
Our love will still be there…

~The Shivas

I’ve been hanging out with my kiddos. They had some friends over, earlier. I got laundry done, and cleaned all the floors. Justin and Jackie will be here, in a little while. We’re going to make fajitas for everybody, this evening, and then hang out. Adam has to go into work, tomorrow morning, for a little bit. He’s off Monday, for Memorial Day, though. We’re all going over to Poppy’s house, Monday. We’re going to barbecue and swim. I also got a guitar night scheduled. Everybody teases that I’m the “manager”, because I help facilitate those guitar night get together. We’ve got a “gig” planned, for July 8th, now.

My babies playing outside ❤️

Jackie and I are going to the taping of a documentary on Jellyroll, next Tuesday. We’ll get to watch the whole thing, and then there’s a whole Q & A part, too. That’s going to be a lot of fun!

I haven’t found any trouble, with Adam. We’ve been busy, and happy. No issues to report, right now. My period came exactly on schedule, this month. I just got over it, yesterday. So, last night I was finally able to get my husband back between my legs again. I’d missed him. Oliver ran right into my right ankle and foot, the other day. It’s very swollen and bruised. We aren’t exactly able to perform any gymnastics, in the bedroom, because of it. Still, we made it work. 😉

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