My Favorite People

I don’t do social media. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter or any of those things. I started this blog because I was working to be the best wife and mama I could be. I needed an outlet. It’s like therapy for me to write things down. I didn’t share my writing with Adam until very recently. He is actually super supportive! I’ve shown Jackie some of my blogs as well, and she’s been nothing but supportive. For a very long time, I was afraid to put my face to my voice on here. What if someone knew me and read my thoughts?! I’m not ashamed or afraid anymore. These are the people who keep me sane and grounded. This is me. This is my life. These are some of my very favorite people.

Adam, of course ❤️
My son. I was eating lunch at school with him on his birthday. I always bring whatever fast food they request to eat with them on their birthday ❤️
My daughter. She got to announce for awhile at a monster jam truck show this spring. She’s my truck girl. Her favorite song is “Don’t touch my truck”, followed by anything Jason Aldean ❤️

My Pops, who I’m incredibly proud of. His success is so hard earned! And, finally, last but not least, Jackie ❤️

I am incredibly blessed, and I need to count those blessings often. I just bought a sign to go in our living room that says “I will always remember the days I prayed for the things that I have now”. I’ve wanted something large enough to take up the space between the high ceiling in the living room and our entry way. I saw that and thought it was perfect! It’s about 1.5 feet tall by 3 feet long and it says exactly what I need to be reminded of. I sometimes just wait expectantly for the next thing to “go wrong”. I worry often. I really need to just sit back and be grateful for the things I’ve got today. The people I have. The amazing life I’ve been blessed with. I have my share of heartache and tough stuff, just like everyone does. I also know darn well I have more than I ever imagined I could have out of this life. I have people who matter to me. People who love me for who I am. People who look at me and see someone I forget to remember way too often. Just more motivation to keep on keepin’ on with what I’m doing.

One thought on “My Favorite People

  1. Eve, I for 1 have followed your blob for some time, I have seen how you have grown in your love for your family and for Adam. Life is a journey and you and Adam should be proud of what you have accomplished together, you have both grown and flourished in your lives together and with your family, be proud and take a bow. Sir 🙂

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