Breaking Tuesday’s “Tradition”

Y’all….I hate the cold! We almost moved to Florida instead of staying here. Almost. My kids are such Tennessee kids and I didn’t want to take them from the friends and family we have here. I would’ve been perfectly fine with decorating palm trees for Christmas, though.

I spent the afternoon baking, yesterday! Made chocolate chocolate chip muffins (essentially, they’re brownies at that point). I made chocolate chip cookies, and I made banana bread. I don’t actually like chocolate all that much. Adam and the kids love it. The banana bread is my thing. I sometimes make chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips, because I love them like that.

Adam, the kids, and I are making a quick trip to his mom’s this weekend. It’s an 8-9 hour drive, so not pumped about that, but I love his mom. We’ll leave Friday and be home Sunday night. So, a very quick trip.

Today is Tuesday. The day I’ve found myself in trouble the last several weeks. I have done absolutely nothing that would piss off Adam this week! Last night, I was extra in the mood to jump my husband’s bones. He asked me what came over me? I explained that I felt good. I wasn’t sad about something. I wasn’t feeling guilty about anything. I just felt…good. I didn’t need him to assure me he still loved me. I need him to love me, of course! I just didn’t need that to be the biggest reason for sex with him, last night. I climbed on top of him and started to kiss and softly bite his neck and his earlobe. I undressed myself and then him. I was showing Adam how much I wanted to ravish him. It was great, but I’m a little sore now. Anyway, I believe I am going to have a historically different blog post for tomorrow, Wednesday morning, because I’m not getting spanked tonight. Well, not like…that.

2 thoughts on “Breaking Tuesday’s “Tradition”

  1. Eve, enjoy being with your family, Adam and the kids, just relax and take in the good times. I agree too much chocolate, i like peanut butter or oatmeal raisin cookies, lol have a great day. Sir

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