Wrongly Accused

Oooohwee, shooo buddy, bless the heart of anyone who tries to accuse me of something I didn’t do!! I am polite, patient, understanding, and forgiving, until someone gets an attitude and treats me as if I’m guilty of something I didn’t do. I was using the self checkout at a grocery store, one time, and the old hag standing there accused me of trying to steal some freakin’ laundry detergent. She worked at the store, and she must’ve taken her minimum wage job very seriously, because she marched over to me, and tried to say that I had scanned something else as if it was the detergent. I know people do that. I’m not one of them. I argued, respectfully, that no ma’am, this is the laundry detergent that I scanned showing right here on the screen. She says, nope, there’s no way that was only $8. At that point, people are starting to stare at us like I was a damned thief. I told her scan it! She wouldn’t do it. She was calling for a manager on her handy dandy, mall cop style, walkie talkie. I picked up the detergent, and ran it over the scanner. Once again, $8 showed on the screen. I told her, seee, now remove this second charge so I can finish buying my groceries. Lady finally says, oh, well, I need laundry detergent. Thanks for reminding me. What the….? Situations like that make my blood boil!

Yesterday, I had my doctor’s appointment. Perfect. I’ve gained 3.4 pounds! My blood pressure is 100/63. I’ve been taking my vitamins, so my iron level is going up. I love my doctor. I’m very irritated with their billing department, however. When I got home, I grabbed our mail from our mailbox. I had a bill for an appointment my daughter was there for, end of September. It claimed I owed $25, which is the copay we have with our health insurance. I always pay that before we go back to see the doctor! I knew I’d paid it. I called. I was polite. I explained the situation. This lady would not stop insisting that I, most certainly, had not paid that day, because they have no record of it. She told me that, if I had a bank statement proving I’d paid it, I could bring it in there and show them. Bitch please. I didn’t say that, but I wanted to. I said, it’s an hour drive, in traffic, to get to the clinic from my house. I’m not going to spend two hours of my day driving to and from there over a bill that I shouldn’t have been sent. We went in circles before I was, finally, able to get an email address that I could send the bank statement to. Was that really so hard?! Lady had an attitude and wouldn’t even entertain the idea that, just maybe, I was telling the truth. Then, before we hung up, she made a snide remark about how my daughter would not be able to be seen until this is paid. Oh my GOSHHH! I said, ma’am , I’ma go ahead and send this proof of payment right now. Next time, it would be great if you don’t make me do y’all’s job. And I hung up the phone. Whew. I was fuming mad.

Then, when Adam got home, he asked me to “step into his office”. That is code for, go to our room, you’re in trouble for something. Only, this time, I had absolutely NO idea why?! I had my fill of accusations, and I struggled not to lose my shit. He could see this happening, so he assured me I was not in trouble. He wanted me to log into our bank accounts and show him something. I think he worries that I’m hoarding money away. I am a bit “extra”, sometimes. I like to save as much as I possibly can. I have a deep seeded fear that we might need it, and then what if we didn’t have it? Covid was tough on us. We spent nearly 2/3 of our savings to get through it. I can’t stand the feeling of laying awake at night, worrying about the what if’s. I had not put any extra money away into accounts we can’t withdraw from. I’d told him about everything I was doing. He was satisfied. I was a little hurt that he didn’t fully trust me, but I understand why. I’ve done this before, recently even.

It felt like I spent the entire day proving my innocence! It’s a good feeling, when I’m vindicated. I’d done nothing wrong, yesterday.

Sent this to Adam!

Today, I’ve got a bunch of errands to run. I’m going to keep on crossing off my “to do’s”. I went above and beyond, yesterday. I even did things that I didn’t have to do. Here’s hoping nobody tries to cross me…again…today. I just might not be able to hold myself back!

One thought on “Wrongly Accused

  1. Eve, I think we all understand how frustrating a doctor’s office help with bills can be, 4 times i had to visit my cardiologist to straighten out a bill for 25 but i can drive my golf cart and be there in 5 minutes, but it is so frustrating when you know you have paid the bill. Keep up the good work, maybe Adam needed to see something on the bank account, he trusts you so be honest all the time. Sir


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