Jelly Roll released his newest single called “She”, today. That song is very personal for me.

I’m making some meatballs with green bean casserole and some mashed potatoes, to bring to my sister and her husband. I’m bringing my babies over to meet their new cousin, after school. I’m excited for them to meet Pj!

I have a few things that are bouncing around inside my head, today. Things I need to write about, but I’m not quite ready to do it. I’m ok, it’s just not the day for me to bring some things to the surface. I’m trying to be happy and smile and I’m afraid to talk (write) about it, would make that even harder to do. I’ll write more tomorrow.


One thought on “She

  1. Eve, you have some a long way. I’m sure Adam is proud of you and so are your followers, we only wish the best for you and your family. I’m sure the kiddos will be happy yo meet their new cousin.
    Take your time writing, it does take a lot of courage to write and deal with your deep feelings. Just know that Adam loves you will help you through everything. Your d/s relationship is growing and flourishing as you open up more to Adam and allow him to lead you along. All the best. Sir 🙂
    PS that reply the other day from anonymous was from me, I always end with Sir, I just forgot to sign in.

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