Jackie and I have been working on some projects. This is a Christmas gift being crafted for my sister’s husband. We had a lot of fun working on that!

I’m making some candy. I’ve got peanut clusters, covered pretzels, puppy chow, and we’re making some sugar cookies for the kids to decorate. I’ve got a beef roast slow cooking in my crockpot, for supper. I took my daughter shopping, this morning, for some last minute Christmas gifts she wanted to buy everyone. My son’s got wrestling practice, this afternoon.

Jackie is on board with my podcast idea! I’m thinking I’ll aim for uploading once a week. I still intend to write in my blog the same as I do now. It just also seems like it could be fun to have real conversations and more long form type of discussion. Jackie and I have talked about doing something like this for years. Adam was super supportive, too! He told me, “Hell yeah, go Boo!” 😊

Just looked out the window and saw my kiddos are outside jumping on the trampoline. I think I’ll go join them.

2 thoughts on “Projecting

  1. Eve, you, Jackie, Adam and your family are amazing. All of you show the true meaning of celebrating Christmas, your love of family reflects the love you have of Jesus, way to go girl. Sir 🙂

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