Do NOT try to Block!

Adam says this to me, all the time. If he’s spanking my ass, and I put my hand back to “stop” him, he always tells me, “don’t try to block”. It’s not a wise choice to go against that advice… If I absolutely cannot help myself, Adam will grab my hand and pin it back, to avoid any unintended injury. Occasionally, I throw back my hand, before he has the chance to avoid it, though. This happened, last night. We were mostly screwing around. Teasing each other. I’d been pushing boundaries, playfully. He threw me down on our bed, pulled my pants down, and just before he brought his hand down, I’d placed my hand in between my behind and his incoming hand. Today, I have a jammed and bruised pinky finger. It don’t feel particularly good. Y’all, don’t try to block! It only results in unintended injuries. I also wound up with a pretty sore behind, because Adam doesn’t like to see me do that. He never wants to hurt me. We were just playing around, but I ended up getting hurt, unnecessarily, because I tried to block an incoming spanking. Don’t do it. It’s not worth it! Just sayin’.

I forgot to include this little tidbit in my post, earlier. Thought I’d go ahead and throw this in a separate post. It’s worth mentioning…

2 thoughts on “Do NOT try to Block!

  1. Eve, Eve, you are sometimes a slow learner, remember Adam disciplines you because he loves you and if you resist his hand, you can only expect a very warm bottom, imagine not being able to sit at Christmas dinner. Love is tender and sweet when you accept all that goes with it. Sir 🙂

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