Sentenced to a Spanking

It was only Adam’s second day, at this office, and he ended up working late, last night. He didn’t get home until after 7:00pm. The kids had already eaten supper. I couldn’t eat. The kids were downstairs playing ping pong, while I watched and waited for Adam to get here. It was honestly a relief, when I finally saw his truck pull in our driveway.

Even when he’s upset with me, Adam always strolls into the kitchen, and gives me his sideways grin. You’d think it was an ornery type of smile, if I didn’t know better. I smile when I’m nervous. Adam smiles when he’s keeping himself calm, and holding back something. We obviously have “real” smiles, most always. These smiles, last night, were not them, though. He looked at me. I blurted out, “Jackie went out to eat with new guy. The kids are downstairs, playing ping pong.” I went on, “New guy brought Jackie beer. He took her out to eat. How’s come Jackie gets beer and food and I’m in trouble?” Adam replied, “Jackie isn’t really my concern, right now. And, besides, give them some time. Remember when [you did the first really stupid thing, after we’d just started dating]?” He was referring to an incident, years ago. He did not punish me, that time. I wasn’t getting a “get out of jail free card”, this time.

Adam pointed towards our bedroom, and said, “let’s go”. I put my head down, and walked to our bedroom, with Adam following closely. He shut and locked our door. There wasn’t much conversation. He just bent me over our bed, pulled my pants down, and spanked me. I’ve only had one spanking worse than the one I received last night. After a round of perfectly aimed swats landed on my backside, he paused. Then, he began to lecture me about how irresponsible I had been. He still worried there could end up being some form of legal trouble, at least for Jackie. I should’ve used my better judgement, and never gone along with our stupid plan. After he’d finished lecturing me, he put me back over our bed, and gave me a whole new round of very attention getting swats.

Adam held me in his arms, while I clung tightly to him. He reassured me that he loves me, and there’s nothing I could ever do to change that. He came out to the kitchen, to grab his supper. He told me to eat, too. I couldn’t eat, though.

I had told Jackie I would text her when it was “safe” to come back home. She and new guy walked in, shortly after I sent her the “all clear” message. Adam was sitting in the living room, and Jackie walked over to him. She asked him if he was mad at her? Adam told her no. She asked him if he’s disappointed in her. He said yes. She got teary eyed, and Adam gave her a hug. New guy cheered everyone up. He is a really good man. We all talked for awhile, and the mood was much better, all around.

When we went to bed, Adam started to run his hands over my body. As he began to remove my shirt, I asked him to love me. He gently replied, “What do you think I’m doing?” Then, he made love to me. I slept in his arms, although I had to stay on my belly. My behind still hurts.

Jackie and I are heading over to ship this damned box of crap back to the company.

6 thoughts on “Sentenced to a Spanking

  1. Sounds like this was perfectly resolved! A sore bottom and two strong arms to hold you after. I don’t want to downplay how awful a real spanking can be, but it is so much better than the resentments that most couples allow to build between them. You are lucky in love ❤

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  2. It must be so nice to have someone who loves you enough to correct you when you need it. I wish I could meet someone like your Adam except when being punished I don’t want him to use anything but his hand no belts or paddles. I guess God will put the right man in my life when He’s ready too. I’m a widow and it gets lonely at times. My husband never spanked me but he definitely knew how to get through to me if I did something I shouldn’t have done or said. He was a good husband and I miss him a lot. You are blessed.

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    1. I’m so sorry you lost your husband! I can’t imagine how hard that must be. Adam has used wooden spoons, belts, etc, but to be honest, he almost always just uses his hand. The “implements” hurt way less, because he’s very careful and always afraid to (seriously) hurt me. He says he can gauge how hard he’s spanking with his hand. This makes spankings with his hand the most serious, these days!

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  3. I’m glad that it all worked out okish in the end. Take care of yourself, once all those stress hormones that flooded your body ebb away, you are likely to feel flat and tired. You’ve paid the price. Don’t beat yourself up about it anymore. Life is all about learning. We are never too old to make mistakes, it’s what we do afterwards that is important. 🙏

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    1. Oh my gosh, you are so right on! I’ve felt so “blah” all day! I can be certain, we will never do something like that again! It’s silly, but it never occurred to either of us that they might catch onto our shenanigans 🤦‍♀️ Lesson learned.

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