Sassy AND Submissive?

The other night, after the spanking was over and it was time for Adam and I to take a shower, I got just a little sassy. I rolled my eyes. Adam didn’t appreciate it. He gave me one quick smack, on my ass, and told me I can answer him with yes and no sir, for the rest of the week. I wasn’t quite sure if he meant always I needed to do it, or just when it makes sense. It’s hard to explain the “rules” in the southern part of the United States, but you just grow into them, understanding how they work. You say yes sir and no ma’am, but not necessarily every time you’re talking to someone. So, yesterday evening, Adam had called me. We talked for a few minutes. He had asked me if I was still making ziti for supper. I was in a good mood, and I happily said, “Yep!” He teased me, that I hadn’t said “sir”, just then. At least, I assumed he was teasing. We had a perfectly pleasant conversation, but after we hung up, I started to question myself. Was he kidding with me? So, I text him. I asked if he was really serious? He replied, “you’re good 😉. Thank goodness!

Later, after Adam was home, I got to wondering. I wondered which of my “personalities” he prefers. I don’t have multiple personalities, but I do have different “moods”, like most everyone does. Different situations call for different responses. Although, I’m one of those weirdos who will crack a joke at a funeral.

It honestly surprised me the way Adam answered my texted question! I had to ask some more about it, when we got in the shower. He explained that, when I bring out my attitude, shortly after I’ve been in trouble, it looks like I don’t appreciate the seriousness. I get that, but the reason I get silly, is because I’m nervous or sad. I understand that he wishes I would be a little more “contrite”, after I’ve screwed up. I don’t exactly know why I react the way I do? I learned that I need to work harder to show Adam that I understand the gravity of a situation. I’ve decided I will try to incorporate more respect for my husband, even in my sass.

After this really great talk, I had asked Adam a question. I was frustrated that he didn’t take me seriously. I said “forget it”, in a very bitchy tone. Next thing I knew, his hand had connected with the spot where my upper thigh meets my behind. The spot that, when spanked, will instantly make me drop to the floor, in a desperate attempt to avoid any further ouch. As I knelt, on the shower floor, I looked up at Adam. My eyes asked the question my mouth hadn’t formed yet. What the hell? Adam reached his hand down, to help me back up. He told me not to get an attitude. I was getting an attitude.

It will be a very difficult weekend, if I can’t contain my inner bitch. We have plans for Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday evening. We’ll be spending lots of time with friends. It appears that I have a challenge ahead of me. I understand why Adam is demanding my compliance, here. I know he wants me to accept that I screwed up, and I need to remember that. Every time I want to be sassy, and I can’t, I’m reminded. He doesn’t want to be grumpy with me. He just wants to know that I took him seriously. He’s sort of requiring me to remain in the the same “submissive mindset” that I am, when I’m in trouble with him. He’s in charge, and I need to recognize that, even when we’re not in “his office”.

It’s a beautiful day, here! The sun is shining brightly. It’s only mid 60s, but it feels comfortable. Adam’s in a really good mood. His transfer here has been completed. They wanted him to take a week to decide if he wanted to stay at the office here. He loves it. The other branch offered him several perks, to go back, but he refused. I’m so happy to have him this much closer to home!

2 thoughts on “Sassy AND Submissive?

  1. The sir thing is most often just for when you answer a yes or no question– “yes sir no sir but it’s usually expected every time. My wife is pretty resistant to it if I insist but is fairly consistent when I don’t “require “it. She used to

    get swatted for not being consistent but I decided to let her do it voluntarily. It is a good sign of respect and submission though.
    I really appreciate this blog and the effort you put into it. Thanx bunches for your efforts!

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    1. For sure! I just don’t necessarily respond with “sir” when I’m answering every single little thing. It seems so repetitive! Oh well, Adam wasn’t upset about it, so it’s fine. I can be resistant to it, but that’s just because I’m stubborn.

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