Don’t Tread on Me

“Don’t tread on me. Those are words that I stand by homie. It doesn’t mean I’m gangster. It doesn’t mean I’m country. It means that my life is in my hands only”… “That’s dandy and fine if you trust Uncle Sam, but I for one, fuckin’ don’t”….

~The Real Samson

I’m so sick and tired of seeing our media tell us lies. They keep us all so busy arguing over things that don’t matter, and then we’re too busy to notice the real bullshit they’re doing. It’s on both political sides. All I want to do is live my life, the way me and my family decide. We’re not hurting anyone. I respect everyone’s right to do the same. We don’t have to all look, think, feel, speak, love, or hate the same things. I’m just exhausted by the back and forth. It’s literally all we see on TV. It’s all we hear on the radio, podcasts. It’s plastered all over social media. My damn Alexa show scrolls “news” on the screen, all day long. It’s become inescapable. I’m gonna sound like a hippie here, but why can’t we just spread a little more love? At the very least, less hate. The vitriol that’s poured into our ears and minds, on a constant basis, it’s driving us all insane. Anyway, rant over.

Jackie and I did hang out, in my kitchen, last night. It was exactly what I needed. Her boyfriend came by, later in the evening. I really like him. He’s a great guy. He wants the same things Jackie does. I love seeing this finally happen for her. It’s an extra bonus that Adam has become friends with Justin. We can all hang out and have a lot of fun.

It’s chilly here, today. Only about 44 degrees. The sun is fighting with the clouds. It peeks out, occasionally, and then the clouds quickly recover the light and warmth it’s attempting to shed on us. The wind is blowing the wind chime I have hanging under our deck. I can’t hear that sound, and not think of the movie “Twister”. Still, I think it’s beautiful. I’m struggling to find much motivation. There’s a basket of clean laundry, that needs folding. I should vacuum the floors. I’m very “orderly”. I can’t stand having dishes in the sink, or beds unmade. I like everything to be in its place. I can be very particular about that. Chairs must be pushed in, under the table. The couch pillows go a specific way. My keurig coffee maker gets pushed into the corner of the counter, just so. I can always recognize when someone’s messed with my things, too. I know where everything goes.

Adam has been incredibly busy, at his new location. He’s taken on more responsibilities, here. He says he’s enjoying it, but I don’t hear from him as much. It isn’t even the busy season. He’s involved in the construction industry. He doesn’t build things. He just moves things, organizes, schedules, and manages other people and things. This time of year is typically slower. The economy also plays a big role in how busy his company is. We hardly saw him, through 2018 and 2019.

I suppose I’ll go fold and put away this pile of laundry staring at me, insisting I put it where it goes.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Tread on Me

  1. WOW!!!
    You’re simply amazing! Adam should be thanking God every day for being blessed with you.
    I like the set up of your family relationships. Adam is the leader , empowered by your submission. He is the provider and protector and you seem to be very confident of his abilities in those areas. He also fulfills his duty toward joining you in loving and raising your children.
    He loves his children but also sets and enforces limits ( which he also does for you).
    Now let’s talk about you. You are a wonderful model of a proper wife.
    You love, respect and submit to your husband, as you should. That alone is something many wives fail at miserably. You keep the house clean and nicely decorated. You do your part in raising the children in love and requiring good behavior.
    I read all your posts and I think you’re an awesome mama! You cook meals that you know Adam and the children like and after the meal you clean the kitchen. You have started family traditions that your children will remember the rest of their life and will probably instill in their children. That is so awesome!
    This comment is a bit long but I realized you have a model family.
    Keep it up.
    May God continue to richly bless your family and all of your “people”..


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  2. Eve, you take to home life like a pro, and i am sure Adam appreciates how well you care for the home, him and the kiddies. You earned yourself a gold star and a I’m proud of you wife award. Sir 🙂

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  3. Eve, I couldn’t agree more, there is too much lying in the media, we actually did away with live TV and now just use Net-flicks, but even there you have to be careful. Almost can’t believe anything you hear.. enough politics. So very happy you and Jackie had a nice time, relaxing and enjoying each other, now time for chores, have a great day! Sir 🙂

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    1. Well, I folded and put away the laundry. I went to plug in my vacuum, and noticed the wall looked filthy. I scrubbed the wall. Then, I decided to scrub all the doors and door jams. I finally vacuumed all the floors. This had me thinking, I should sweep the garage steps. I did that. Then I swept the whole garage out. Some groceries I’d ordered arrived. I put those away. As I was opening the fridge, I noticed it needed wiped down. I got out the special spray for our appliances and I wiped down the whole fridge. After that, I had to do the other appliances. This led to my deciding to remove everything from my kitchen counters, and scub the counter tops and sink real good. And this is how my brain works. One project leads to a whole bunch of others. The house looks and smells clean, though. Mission(s) accomplished 😉


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