Lucy & Ethel Get Sick

Ugh. Jackie had a staph infection. It started last week. She went to the doctor, and antibiotics, creams, and time have her almost completely healed. This morning, I noticed a lump. It’s on my upper thigh. I immediately used the special wash, doctors have prescribed for this kind of thing. I already have a full course of antibiotics, that cover MRSA. The doctor had prescribed them, just in case something new came up. This afternoon, I’m having radiating pains, all up my inner thigh. I also have a fever. I’ve done and taken everything I’m supposed to, but damn this hurts. I don’t feel like being unwell. I don’t want to be sick. I took some Tylenol. Hoping this helps with the ouch, while antibiotics start to do their job…

Also, my son has his volunteer night, tonight. They’re putting a “prom” on, for special needs kids. He went to a practice, where they learned how to best serve these kids. Tonight is the actual “prom” night. He looks so handsome!


Justin and Jackie are going to a 4D screening of “Titanic”, tonight. I think it’s going to be a quiet, easy going evening, for Adam and me. I put my cashmere leggings on. I’m comfy and warm. I’m also annoyed and frustrated that this is happening, again. I haven’t had problems with staph/MRSA for years. This is now the second time in just a few months! What the heck is going on??

2 thoughts on “Lucy & Ethel Get Sick

  1. Eve, make sure you get it checked out or your behind may suffer the consequences. You need to take care of yourself first, nothing else should matter, health wise you come first and I’m sure Adam will agree to that! I’ll say a prayer tonight for you. Sir 🙂

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