Take me to Church

I like the original version of this song, by Hozier. I’m also a fan of a remake, by Tommy Vext. I love his voice, and his remakes. He does Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box”, too. He’s on his own now, “Lone Wolf”. When he was in “Bad Wolves”, they remade “Zombie”. I absolutely love their version of that song!

The church we used to attend, was already a 20 minute drive from where we used to live. Adam, the kids, Jackie, and I faithfully attended Wednesday Bible study, and Saturday evening church services. After our move, it’s over an hour drive, to go to that church. Needless to say, we haven’t been to church much, lately. We’d been discussing finding one, closer to home. Adam wanted me to trust him to find a good one. He insisted, he knows what we like. We didn’t talk about it again for a few weeks. The other day, he told me he’s been researching, and asking around. He thinks he’s found the one, for us. We’re going to try it out, this weekend. I do miss going. I listen to the podcasts, from our old church, but it’s not the same as being there.

Antibiotics are starting to do their job, and I’m feeling a lot better, today. Justin and Jackie are hanging out with us. Later, we’re going to grill some ham steaks and pork chops. I’m making pasta salad and lemon pepper green beans, to go with. I think we’re going to play some card games, and maybe a little ping pong.

I need to trim my daughter’s hair, this weekend. My son won’t let me cut his, yet. He’s decided he wants to let it grow. He had long, shaggy hair, until the last couple years. I guess he wants to try that, again.

Adam had long hair, he pulled back into a bun. He cut it during Covid.

That’s about all I have, for today! Gonna go spend some time with my people 😊

4 thoughts on “Take me to Church

  1. Linda and I attended a small church for years that was pastored by my best friend. Sadly, he passed away very unexpectedly and we haven’t regularly attended any church since then. (7 years ago)When Linda is able we will siart actively looking for a church again. Being out of church kind of leaves an .empty space inside me that needs to be filled (for me anyway).
    Having good friends is a huge blessing!. I hope this evening goes well for you..
    Thanx bunches for this post!

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    1. I agree! There’s something so satisfying about attending a church service where you truly felt God’s presence. Of course, you don’t have to be in church, but it’s an amazing thing to sing, laugh, and learn in His house.

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