Live it up for the Weekend

And I’mma live it up for the weekend
Pour it up, have the time of your life
Take a shot for the regrets
Double up and it’s bound to get buck wild
Hey ladies, let your hair down
We know ain’t nobody scared now, hell nah
Just do your thing like it’s spring break
Wake and bake and we’re at it again
We live it up for the weekend

~Brantley Gilbert

The paddle broke…

We played games downstairs, with the kids. After they went upstairs, Justin, Jackie, Adam, and I played ping pong awhile. Then, we went up and played a card game. Adam and Wyatt are outside cutting the grass. I ran a couple errands, and now waiting for Justin and Jackie to get here. We’re going to sit outside, hang out, play cornhole, and then find some mischief (as usual).

I also got my dining chairs recovered. I didn’t remember to take before photos, but here’s the after.

Looks so much nicer!

Also, my baby niece, Pj, is getting SO big!! She’s starting to sit herself up.

I don’t have much else to write about. Thought I’d share some pictures to speak words for me 😊

3 thoughts on “Live it up for the Weekend

    1. We sure do love that little baby girl! Adam was just complaining about how I haven’t shown him enough pictures of her updates lately lol. It’s incredible how fast they grow. Pj has always been early for her milestones, too. She reminds me so much of my daughter. I think little girls get in such a hurry to grow up! Heck, my daughter is still like that. And, now my son’s trying to grow up. Our babies just grow up way too fast. Everyone warned me, when mine were babies, but I didn’t believe them. Now, here I am, trying to slow time down.

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