I Wrote the Book

My Mj ❤️

Today, I got some housework done, and then my sister text me. She asked what I was doing, and wanted to come by. My sister and Pj came over, for awhile. I played with Pj, and talked to my sister. Then, Jackie came over. We scrubbed my outdoor rug clean, and hung it over the fence to dry. It looks real nice down on the patio, now!

I’m fixing cube steaks for supper, tonight. I’ve got them browning, on the stove, and then I’ll put them in a baking dish. I put brown gravy over them, and bake them until they’re tender. I love this supper!

The kids have 14 and 1/2 days left of school, before it’s summer break. We’re getting so close. I’m very ready and anxious, for it to be Summer time.

Adam’s grandma passed away, this afternoon. Although it’s hard to say goodbye, I know she lived a long and beautiful life. She was ready for this chapter to come to its close. So, while we will miss her here, we also celebrate her passing into Heaven. She’s most assuredly thrilled to see those people she’s missed, herself.

Time has a way of speeding up, the more time passes. The older I get, the quicker the years seem to go by. I do try hard to take in everything. To bask in the glory of every moment. Beautiful, sunny days, like today. Today, I got to see some of my favorite people. We shared a lot of laughs. We accomplished some tasks I’ve been wanting to get done. Supper is cooking. My kids are upstairs, playing with friends. Adam should be heading home soon. It’s one of those nothing particularly worth documenting, but nonetheless incredibly special to me, kinds of days. I’ve watched, from our downstairs patio, as the baby robin eggs have hatched, and they’ve grown in their feathers. Soon, their mama is going to push them from their comfy nest, so they can fly. They’ll go on, and begin their own journey. It’s the cycle of life, and I’m watching it. I see it in these little birds. I see it, when loved ones pass away. I see it, in my own children, as they’re growing and planning their futures. This is, after all, God’s design for us. We’re all writing our own pages, in this book called life. Make yours count. ❤️

4 thoughts on “I Wrote the Book

  1. You have become a traditional housewife. You know your wifely role, you work at that role, and you seem to love it. I continue to be impressed. Many more women would benefit by using you for a role model.
    I was going to end this with a God Bless You
    But I am made aware that he already has been doing that and he is continuing to do so. So allow me to say You Are Seriously Blessed!!

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    1. Wow! Thank you! I am beyond blessed to have the people I call my family and friends. When I take a step back, and examine how much God’s given to me, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. ❤️

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  2. This post was so uplifting as was Mj’s song. Yep, life just keeps going and all we have is how we manage the time we have here. It is the ordinary everyday things that keep the world turning. The food of life which feeds our bodies, minds and our souls. I am sorry for the grief that will come from losing someone that has been loved and cherished. How lucky she has been to have the appropriate passage of time.

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    1. Thank you! I agree. I think we all wish to be an old man/woman, who passes peacefully. We hope for the chance to tell our loved ones how much they matter, one last time. We pray that, if we don’t get to do that, they surely know it anyway. I don’t ever let my family hang up a phone, fall asleep, or walk out the door, without telling them “I love you”. ❤️


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