Tick Tock…

These texts, between Adam and I, pretty much sum up my day here…

I started to text Jackie because I was going crazy and needed to talk to someone else!

I think I’m fixing to find out just how hard Adam’s hands can get. Despite the way it may seem, when I write about the stupid shit I do and say sometimes, I don’t look forward to it. I don’t enjoy it, when he’s punishing me. I especially, don’t enjoy it, when he’s really disappointed in me. I don’t think I’ve made him this upset in years. I suppose, I probably have, but he hasn’t spanked me for it, in years. I guess I’ll write in here tomorrow, when tonight is finally over with. I swear, the clock is moving so slowly, because I just want it all to be done. At the same time, I’m not excited for Adam to get home from work. I am sooo, truly sorry. I wish I could rewind and redo last night. I wish I could take it all back.

4 thoughts on “Tick Tock…

  1. I think (and hope) he has firmly decided to get this disrespect and disobedience under control
    It may not be pleasant till you get where you need to be but you will grow in submission and respect as a result. Both of you will find your love will grow stronger as well. BTW AZPOP1 is absolutely correct.
    I am hoping for the best for you but I suspect the “best” for both of you will not be pleasant for you tonight.

    Thanx for sharing!

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  2. Eve, you never seem to learn your lesson. Keep pushing Adam and your behind will surely get to know how strong Adam’s hand really is. Learn from your mid-givings and your love for each other will surely grow and flourish. Being submissive to your partner will be a learning experience that will stay with you all your life together. You also are in control of the situation because you know in your heart that Adam will never physically hurt you, you will end up with a very warm and sore bottom, but your love for each other will triumph. Sir

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    1. Disrespect is something I’ve had to work VERY hard on. I’m a tiny person. The way I “fight back”, is with words. I’m good at it. Sarcasm and sass are built into me. What I realized, yesterday, was just because I CAN say something, don’t mean I SHOULD. Adam COULD break my jaw. He would never ever do that, though. I possess a certain “strength”, but I shouldn’t use it on my husband. He controls his strength, no matter how angry he is. I have to learn to do the same.


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